Autoclave Systems

McGill AirPressure engineers and builds autoclaves designed to provide our customers with a safe, dependable, and economical way to handle their production. To help industry meet its changing processing needs, we also rebuild and upgrade existing autoclaves.
    Since 1960, we have supplied more than 500 autoclaves, ranging from our lab units to some of the largest and most sophisticated units in the world. Our clients include the aerospace, electronics, rubber, glass, pulp and paper, investment casting, and medical waste sterilization industries.
    Whatever size autoclave a customer may need, we have the technical capabilities to design systems that will perform that company's processes reliably, quickly, and inexpensively.
    These capabilities include:

Turnkey capability—We can handle the entire job.
Standard designs—These autoclave designs cost less.
Field fabrication—We can build any size autoclave on site.
Computerized controls—We can provide better quality control, process documentation, and data aquisition.
Design experience—We can provide a more reliable system.
State-of-the-art manufacturing—We manufacture virtually every part of the system to ensure the highest quality.
Pilot testing—We develop test programs to help our clients find the right autoclaves for their applications.

Production-sized Autoclave

McGill AirPressure designs and builds some of the industry's largest bonding autoclaves. We specialize in supplying complete, integrated systems with PC-based control systems. This autoclave, with a 12.5-foot-diameter by 58-foot-long workspace, was installed for a major aircraft manufacturer in the northeastern United States.


Mini-Bonder™ autoclaves are available for varied R&D or small batch applications, including composite materials bonding, glass laminating, printed circuit board laminating, sterilizing, and rubber curing and vulcanizing.

Medical Waste Sterilizer

McGill AirPressure's Medical Waste Sterilizer (MWS) autoclaves offer lower initial and operating costs than other waste treatment options, without the need for air pollution control equipment.

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